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Rodol's Alpha log

4 years ago
#1116 Quote
The new homepage is up! Check it out and tell me what you think :) I also finished fixing the store checkout, now we have two payment options. I'm working on the translation system now!

4 years ago
#1117 Quote
1)Can't stand for the trans system. I realy like te new page it look far more atractive. do you got a R date for the system ? 2)(P.S i know it's not the good sections for this but a dev/staff chat coud be a good idea in my opignion)
3) i start cotnacting the french yt to know if he is intrusted in making a presentations of the game after the frame is out
Black's out
4 years ago
#1273 Quote
Alpha 22 is out! This update introduces server-synchronized skins, schemes, and blueprints, meaning your shaper builds, air brush paint jobs, and sky clone player customizations will now be stored remote. They are per-account, so you can have multiple installs and keep your saves throughout, or share a computer with your sibling and keep independent saves. Additionally, 3 utility commands were added to the game server backend: `stack`, `find`, and `arm`. Climbing is not fixed yet, needs further investigation.
4 years ago
#1275 Quote
Not to be annoying, but is the game out for linux yet?
4 years ago
#1276 Quote
There's no linux version yet, I'm still waiting on a bugfix from unity on the version where I can do the linux builds. I reported it over 2 months ago and I haven't gotten a solution yet, sadly, but I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I release a linux version!